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Friday, October 22, 2004

Wood Chips

We finished up painting the gate and some window railings. Now it looks better. I was covered in black paint, haha! Al went online and found a listing of free wood chips in Oakland. So we travelled and hauled as much as we can get - probably 10 garbage bags full. Then we put it around the pathway where we installed some pavers or steps and it looks good (and smells very good). They were fresh pine wood chips that had a fresh pine aroma. Al even told me to put some 'inside' the house. I didn't though coz we ran out. Might get some more tomorrow. Right now, Al is cooking ginisang giniling. I am hungry!

The side entrance that we created.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you like my cooking hon, and also, thanks for making our "home" really nice.
Love you,

11:13 AM


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