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Monday, November 15, 2004

Anna Nicole Drunk?

Did you guys see Anna Nicole Smith last night at the American Music Awards? By the way, the event started out with a bang with Gwen Stefani and ultra-hip Lenny Kravitz opening for the awards night, then later on got me bored because they didn't have good bands on their line-up. And merit goes to Bon Jovi? Whadda?!? Although, I must admit, I liked Alicia Key's and Usher's performance, Jessica Simpson's (shhh) and I still think that Josh Groban deserved a standing ovation. I was disappointed with the first Alicia performance (it was alright) while Jimmy Kimmel (who I don't really watch) was funny. I particularly liked the Snoop Dogg/Bobby Brown/Josh Groban moment at the start of the show. That was funny. And the wierd moment of the night, Anna Nicole, who seemed really drunk (or stoned). And then Kimmel just couldn't stay away from the Anna Nicole jokes, hehe. Because of the AMAs, they didn't show Desperate Housewives.

Today, we saw a friend by accident while getting my mail from the post office. He lent me two CDs so I could listen to it and chatted a little. Then me and Al ate at Manila Eatery in Colma, passed by the Gellert library to return a book that Al borrowed while he borrowed another one. I borrowed the Dekada '70 dvd that I accidentally saw on the librarian's counter.


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