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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Bands Reunited

VH-1 just featured a special Backstage edition of Bands Reunited. I didn't know that they tried to reunite The Smiths. If they pulled it off, they would have been the gods of the moment. But too bad Morrissey just totally ignored them. Maybe next time. Oh please, I still pray for that ultimate The Smiths reunion. I even emailed VH-1 after watching the first episode of the show to get them back together. It will be a dream come true. VH-1 describes it as the 'holy grail' of all band reunions. They also tried Generation X with Billy Idol but of course, Mr. Idol didn't want to be involved. Oh well.

At night, we ate at Picadilly Fish and Chips at Polk Street with a friend and hung out at her place to watch some TFC. It's been years since we last ate at that place. Got home just in time for tonight's episode of The Apprentice. Chris, you're fired! I'm still sulking at the fact that Raj got fired last week. Bummer.


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