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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Buffalo Wings

Today, Al had two interviews (yes, the never ending interview process) - one in Millbrae and the other in San Francisco. I went with him on his second interview since he insisted that I go with him. I talked to a subcontractor for a potential project while I waited. Anyway, afterwards, we got hungry but I wasn't exactly sure of what I was craving. He kept buggin' me and asking me where we should go and I just coudn't answer. All I could say was I don't know. He hates that sometimes. And sometimes it gets frustrating when we both could not think of a place to eat but we did agree that we're both craving something light, such as finger foods. Anyway, since he kept driving, we reached the San Bruno area and thought of eating at Akagi. But while we were driving, we saw a Goodwill store and decided to pass by. Al saw a The Smiths' Meat is Murder cassette tape for .99 cents. Funny. Wow, imagine a cassette tape. If I show that to my niece she would wonder what it was. I planned to just window shop but ended up buying something again (yes, shame on me). How can I resist an authentic Prada bag for $5 and a black Polo Sport bag for $3? I bought the latter coz Al gave my old one and my Snoopy stuffed toy to my niece Nikki (without my consent) early this year. Boo hoo hoo. But it's okay, at least it went to my dear niece. When we left, Al decided that we should go to Original Buffalo Wings. I thought that was a great idea and is perfect for our cravings but I thought that they closed down last year. Al insisted that we check it out again. Anyway, as we drove to its old location in San Bruno, we were happy to find the joint still there! There used to be another one on Union St. in SF by North Beach but I think they closed as well. We were so glad that it's still around, at least in San Bruno. So I ordered a combo of buffalo wings, celery and blue cheese, chips and a drink. Al ordered his usual Philly cheesesteak and a drink. And we ate to our hearts content. Problem solved!

Oh no, I forgot to call my brother. I'm supposed to give him an answer to whether or not we're going with them to Washington this coming Thanksgiving weekend. We are leaning towards going with them but it will depend on our upcoming skeds. Originally, we were gonna go on Christmas but they changed their minds because they are going on a trip to New York. I am still wishy-wshy about it because I kinda promised my Dad in Vallejo that we will be with them on Thanksgiving. FYI - On tonight's The Apprentice, Donald Trump fired two people instead of one. Whoa!


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