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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

A Day to Myself

I had to drop off Al coz he had to work today. I had a few hours to myself, yipee! Haha, just kidding Al if you're reading this. Anyway, I bought some lunch at Kenkoy's in Pacifica (I have been recently addicted to their mais con yelo). I know, I know, it's cold and I still like cold desserts. Anyway, in the spirit of Christmas, we should support icy desserts with lots of sugar! Haha! Anyway, I picked up a friend after lunch. All of a sudden, an employer called for Al. He's starting another job this week and is very excited. I am happy for him. Later on, me and my friend went to pick up Al after work and we bought dinner at Popeye's and ate at her place while watching TFC.

Right now, we're watching Christmas in Rockefeller Center. I never imagined that I would say this but Clay Aiken looked cool, hehe. But just one comment though, does he have sideburns? Hehe. He should've sung O Holy Night which is perfect for his range. Another friend called me earlier today inviting me and Al to Cache Creek and he said he's decorating his Christmas tree. Unfortunately we couldn't go coz of Al's new job but will take a raincheck. I'm curious in seeing Leonardo, hehe. With all the decorating and Christmas shows (and ads), I can feel Christmas in the air already.


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