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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Extreme Makeover

I am talking about the Home Edition show on ABC similar to the show Renovate my Family on Fox. I have never cried so hard on a reality show. Haha. For real. And I think the family they chose really deserved it. Not only did they reconstruct the entire home but also designed it with the technology to make life easier for the family. And why you ask? Because both parents were deaf, the youngest kid was blind and autistic, and the eldest son, who constantly takes care of them, was just so good-natured that he deserved the best. Al was laughing at me coz I just could not stop crying, coz the design team on the show would not stop crying either. And they were guys too. Very heartwarming episode. And it was a two-hour episode too. Must be special.

Speaking of TV, earlier I was watching Not Another Teen Movie on cable and I saw Joy Bisco of the movie The Debut. Yeah, represent! At least she got a part, although small, but at least a somewhat speaking part on a mainstream movie.


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