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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Feed the World

Do they know it's Christmas time? Band Aid 20 has been recorded - you be the judge. Check out the vocals lineup. And what?!? Damon Albarn didn't sing but served drinks? I am disappointed. And was that really Bono singing? And what's up with the line-up? Sugababes? Joss Stone? Why? Sorry fans. Maybe I'm just being overcritical. But I think the piano sounds off, the Dizzie Rascal rap didn't seem to fit the song (maybe the producers were thinking of that 'rap feel' similar to P. Diddy's efforts on the nice remake of What's Going On) or there's just something about it that's not right. Or maybe I'm just missing the bells and holiday sound of the original song. Or is it the sincerity? Anyway, a listing of the original line-up and the current line-up can be seen here. Okay, Al just heard the new one and got disappointed so he looked for my Best of Midge Ure CD and played the original song. Btw, mp3 is from the stereogum site.

Speaking of feeds, my RSS feed is now working on Friendster. Coolness! You don't even need BloggerPro like they said or so I thought. Anyway, it wasn't working earlier because I was using an older version. Friendster can only support v1.0 or 2.0 and only shows four items at a time. Check it out!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for going with me on my interview in SF honey, I'm always confident when I'm with you. Also, thanks for a nice dinner....I love you

10:15 PM


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