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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey Day to all! Woke up late today because we felt like staying under the sheets since the weather is getting colder. While Al watched reruns of Mad TV, I spent most of the morning on the computer chatting with my sis while talking to my family in Washington over the phone. My brother and family safely arrived there early in the morning. I tried to customize MyYahoo! page settings to change my colors, add my blog feeds, calendar, weather, news, email, maps, music, movie schedules, horoscopes, evites, photos, hotjobs, lottery results, books, LAUNCHcast, dvds, travel deals, gossip, etc. Isn't that cool? And I can use it on a mobile phone too. I don't have to search every single time! Also customized my avatar on my Yahoo messenger to reflect me (although I wish I was that thin) and added a picture too while I listen to their uber cool Indie Rock station. Al set his too (you should see his avatar, it really looks like him).

In the afternoon, we set out to Daddy's place for a Thanksgiving dinner. Tita Ana cooked her turkey dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy. There were also some vegetarian dishes for my sisters. Al loved the shrimp dish and pancit too. I like the corn, grapes and sansrival, my fave. I was so full. Then Cherry rented Elf and Shrek 2. I watched both already but Al didn't see Elf yet. They were all laughing out loud because the movie is just hilarious! Also borrowed the Amelie DVD that they have. Went home with lots of food to go (thanks so much Tita Ana) just in time to see The Apprentice. Too bad Andy got fired. It is getting pretty exciting! The group is down to five.

Oh yeah, on the way home, some freak on the freeway was speeding past us and drove in front while hitting on the brakes a lot of times. I was scared coz we had close calls. I don't know what their problem was but it was so dangerous, especially that rainy night. Good thing we didn't get into an accident and I almost called the cops on those guys. I wanted to take a pic of the plate too but they drove so fast after a few minutes of doing sudden brakes in front of our car. Crazy drivers!


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