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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Incredibles

We weren't thinking of watching a movie but we did anyway after stopping by the post office. Al wanted to see either The Incredibles or National Treasure so I chose the former. It was very entertaining. I liked it a lot. Okay, I love the movie! It was amazing, from the concept, to story, to animation, to direction, and the motion of little details. I had a lot of fun watching it as well. So go out and watch the movie (just told my lil' sis Sopihia who just called me few minutes ago - btw, I can't believe she's watching TFC and learning some tagalog words, hehe). After the movie, we did our laundry, did a little grocery at Pacific Super, and dined out.

Earlier today, we had a power outage at home and when we got home, there was light but all the sockets weren't working. Al had to reset the circuits in the box outside the house to make everything work. I was also talking to a potential illustrator who emailed me her samples. I was pleased at our conversation and she seemed interested with my project. I had a lot of illustrators interested in the project but her samples just amazed me because of her cool and unique style. And she mentioned she can also use digital media which was something I was originally looking for but I really like her traditional stuff and would prefer that. She said that she can do both. We are hoping to meet next week as soon as I get my original stuff from my former illustrator who could not finish the project. Too bad coz he was good too and he did twelve scenes already. I got distracted again when I got another phone call from the doctor scheduling me for an overdue appointment and they did mention that I have to be alerted by something. Scary if you ask me. We also bought tickets for the Jasmine Trias concert on the 19th which will be a full day for us. We were planning on going to that concert (not for Jasmine but for Nyoy Vollante and Paolo Santos) and then try to make it to the Razorlight concert afterwards at Popscene. Wonder if we would still have the strength that night. Anyway, I was also busy today downloading PHP, MySQL and Apache on my computer. Am excited about it too.

For the past two days, my blog was not publishing and I was emailing the blogger people about it. Actually, my posts were appearing on my archive page but not on the index page. I wonder if it was database issues but it started when I tried to add more pictures on my very old posts (check out my archives). Then I kept getting errors everytime I tried to publish. Although blogger initially responded, their response didn't help much. I decided to check the errors myself and check my files and found out that my 2003 postings have different permissions than the rest of my files. So I changed them and it worked after a few minutes. I wonder if I fixed it or they did. Hmm...


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