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Monday, November 22, 2004

Interview Day

Earlier today, a friend needed a ride to San Francisco. Since we weren't doing anything, we told her that we were gonna pick her up. After her appointment, we went to eat at IHOP coz I was craving Belgian waffles and some good 'ol maple syrup. Yummy! Al saw an old friend, Jay, and they chatted a bit. Anyway, after breakfast, someone scheduled Al for an interview today (I told you he's lucky). Few hours later, someone called me for a phone interview as well. I got nervous because I was informed that I was going to take a test to assess my programming skills. When the employer sent me the test via email, I had three hours to finish it. I finished it earlier but sent it two hours later because I had to test my work several times and I had to re-install Outlook to send it back to him. I didn't set my Outlook mainly because I use web-based emails (such as gmail) and I had to reboot my laptop a few times before and download all my software again. Therefore I put off Outlook since I don't use it anymore (not as often as I used to). I thought I did well although I still need to hear from them. The wait is always the worst part, isn't it?

At night, we both got hungry so Al bought some food at Kenkoy's in Pacifica. They used to have a store in San Francisco, across the SF Chronicle building. They cook their fried rice and eggs the way I want it. Even the adobo was how I cook adobo as well. Just started eating there the other day. Didn't even know they had a spot in Pacifica which is so conveniently close to us. I'm lovin' their food. Plus they have the best mais con yelo in town!


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