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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Lost and Found

As Al and I were driving around San Francisco, he stopped at Ocean Beach to take a picture of people's silhouette by the ocean. As he took out his camera from his back pack, we both heard some piece of metal drop in the cemented parking lot. We both wondered what that was and started looking around for whatever dropped. We were so happy to find a small ring. I finally found my wedding ring. Wonder how that got there? Anyway, I am just glad. Al went on the other side of the car to put the ring on. How sweet! Then he proceeded to go on the beach shore to take some pics.

On CNN later that day, we saw this reporter named Elaine Quijano. She seemed like a good reporter, ready to answer on-the-spot questions. I think she's pinay. Represent!


Blogger yugen101 said...

Her name is Elaine Quijano. You "think" she's pinay? haha. Can't you tell from the name alone?

10:06 PM


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