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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

More Downloads

Since Mozilla Firefox v1.0 is now official, I decided to download it on my laptop. As soon as I installed it, the trojan virus was attacking me so be careful. Download an updated anti-virus first before downloading anything. Anyway, my firefox experience is cool! After installing, it automatically imported my stuff from IE. How awesome! And there is google search in front of you right away although I had to set the homepage to something else. I am still trying to get used to its features. I just discovered that my bookmarked links can all be opened as tabs in one window. Amazing! I was using Netscape 7.1 at work and Safari in school and now I am enjoying Firefox, a result of open-source. The browser wars are on! Some people prefer other browsers such as Maxthon and now they have IE SP2 version. Is the world now trying to be less IE-centric? I guess. So spread the fire!


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