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Friday, November 12, 2004

Peterson Verdict

Earlier today, we drove all the way to Modesto because Al had an appointment. As usual, yahoo maps gave us the wrong directions so we had to trust our instincts. Good thing we were on the right track and didn't get lost. Anyway, when we got home, every news station out there was showing the Peterson verdict as guilty. We all know that the gruesome death of Lacy Peterson happened in Modesto. Funny how it was my first time in Modesto at the same time the verdict was announced today.

At night, we met with an old friend Anne. We were gonna meet at Di Napoli in South City but when we got there, the restaurant was already closed. Bummer. Anyway, we decided to go to Elephant Bar instead since they close late. We chatted all night until closing time. Wasn't even hungry so had our left-overs to go. I was glad to see Anne again after a long time. I was hoping she could finish the illustrations for the book she originally made mock-ups for, but I could not convince her over dinner. What was memorable that night was our server. She had a certain accent and we were joking around about betting to guess where she's from. Al finally asked her and she jokingly said she was from Korea. Later on she said she was really from England. I just love that British accent. When we asked for a to go box, she drew eyes, lips, some bangs and a bow on the box. She was funny although she seemed a little bit drunk. Al said that she may be drinking in the kitchen, hehe. My theory is she just wanted a big tip, haha! Anyway, I enjoyed the night just talking and catching up with each other.


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