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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Razorlight Gig

We had a full day ahead of us and I didn't get enough sleep. I slept at 3 am and had to wake up at 7 am to go with Al and drop him off for another interview. Yup, he's been getting a lot of interviews lately. How lucky! We had to pick up a friend of ours who also had an interview at the same time as well for the same company (they were hiring multiple people so hopefully both of them get hired). It took them so long to get done (almost the whole morning) that I decided to go home and just pick them up later. I thought their interview would only take them 30 minutes. Anyway, picked them up again and ate at Tu Lan on 6th street for lunch. Al had a testing appointment at 3 pm too so again I had to drop him off. As soon as we got home, I was so tired and sleepy and it made me a bit cranky. And to top it all off, we had a concert to watch tonight until 2 pm! I needed my sleep fast! I tried to sleep but couldn't so we decided to clean our place coz my sisters might hang out later tonight. We ended up picking them up at Union Square and ate dinner at Thai Noodle on Geary before the concert. It was still early so we drove around San Francisco to show them SF landmarks. Around 8 pm, we headed to 330 Ritch and got there around 8:30 pm.

The line was not long at Popscene. I thought that we would have a problem getting tix coz they don't sell advanced tix. As soon as we got in, we checked in our coats and bought our drinks. The wait was long and they didn't start til 11 pm. Razorlight first came out and they rocked the house! The lead singer took off his shirt and kept climbing on speakers. It so happens that on that same night, BBC is filming the concert for a show in the UK called Top of the Pops. Now that is so cool! This was also their first gig in the US. The Futureheads went next. Since we saw them already open for Franz Ferdinand, we moved away from the stage (coz the speakers were blasting so loud that it was ringing my ears). But they were sooo good! I was trying to audioblog their gig but it was kinda distorted via cellphone so I just deleted it. After the concert, Nat and Charlene went to get their coats and we saw Razorlight lead singer next to the rack. Al said hi to him and commended them for a good job. He even knew the vocalist's name - Johnny. I thought he made that up but apparently that IS his name. They chatted and I told him to go around the city because SF is a lovely city. He also told us that they will be back (next year?) at Bottom of the Hill. Yey! Nat also took pictures of Johnny, Al and me. Al also asked for an autograph on a Razorlight poster that he took out from a wall. Coolness! My two siblings enjoyed the concert a lot and it was also their first time in Popscene. Afterwards, I dropped Nat and Charlene in Berkeley. I drove coz Al had three beers and I would not let him drive even if he says that he could. I am always the designated driver, haha!

BBC filming Razorlight for Top of the Pops.

Razorlight on Popscene stage.

Johnny singing with hand gestures.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanna say thanks for a great nigh (& great concert)
I really had a blast, and I know your sisters did too. I think we should do this more often so we won't grow old.(Do I make sense?) Anyway, I love you.

7:43 PM


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