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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Site Syndication

I slept late last night (more like early this morning) trying to finish the RSS feeds for my blog. I also added an Atom feed that was automatically generated by Blogger (although I don't think it's validated because of my audioblogs). I tried adding the feed on my Friendster but it wasn't working so I sent them a message. I was gonna install a RSS reader on my computer for my own fave feeds but then realized that Firefox can get RSS feeds, another feature that I just found out today. So I added some feeds on the live bookmark section and viola! Anyway, if you feel like syndicating my blog, here's my RSS feed.

Today, we drove by Diamond Heights in SF just to check out the sites. We got hungry so we ate dinner at Boston Market. I was kinda craving for some rotisserie chicken. Afterwards, we stopped by Ross just to window shop and I ended up buying a red striped 80's style shirt for $3 bucks! What a deal. I was thinking of wearing it at Friday's concert. Also, while we were looking at shoes, some lady on the PA was calling me.

Lady: Would a customer by the name of Cindy Sacramento please go to customer service?
(After realizing that I lost my wallet, I saw two pinoy employees by the register.)
Dude: Are you Cindy?
Me: Yes. Is it about my wallet?
Dude: Yes. But there's nothing in it.
Me: (I was shocked) Really?
Dude: (Laughing) Just kidding.
(And the other dude laughs while the other took out my wallet.)
Me: Whadda?!? Thank You.

Have I been so careless lately? First my wedding ring then my wallet. And these are stuff that I should be taking care of. It's hard to lose either one and so far I am lucky coz they've been found by good samaritans (and the ring by Al). Al is now ironing his clothes for his appointment tomorrow and cooking pork chop at the same time. I'm on the computer while watching TV.


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