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Sunday, November 21, 2004

SNL Surprise

I am just blown away by last night's SNL episode. Just when I was getting tired of recent SNL episodes because of sloppy writing, unprofessionalism (because most episodes have at least one person who could not contain his laugh), bad timing on jokes (they just have to be quicker at it and maybe Amy could not try to explain her news jokes but give smart audiences the benefit of the doubt and not take them for dumb people) and boring guests, last night was a breath of fresh air. The host was Luke Wilson (who I think is just adorable and funny) and musical guest was U2 (who is an excellent live band). The skits were actually witty and funny. Even the opening was funny when Bush (in a board room ala Trump) was in the process of firing his staff, when in fact they resigned. I thought that was intelligent and I actually laughed out loud. I haven't laughed in an SNL episode for quite some time. The real treat was when U2 went on (Al alarmed my calendar to remind me of the show) and sang Vertigo and made sure to the audience that they are singing live (he kept saying live, live, live on the mic). Me and Al were watching and looked at each other in agreement of U2's greatness (although I must admit, I don't like some of their albums and I still need to hear the entire How to Dismantle and Atomic Bomb album). Anyway, at the end of the show, I was so happy when they decided to sing two more songs (for a total of four) and the song was I Will Follow from an earlier album. Unfortunately, the other song didn't make it on air. They had to cut it coz they didn't have more airtime. I was suddenly nostalgic and had goosebumps. The cast was just so surprised and happy. I'm not sure, but was star-struck Amy Poehler hugging Bono so tight and crying? The audience were so lucky having such a treat. One audience in particular looked like she was in heaven when Bono gave her a lap dance. Deng, wish it was me, hehehe. Anyway, am just not so sure about Bono's shoes (I was actually shocked) when they zoomed in on his shoes. But who cares. That was a great show.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanna remind you about your promise, that we're gonna see U2 no matter what. They'll be having another world tour next year and their north American tour will start March 2005. So don't tell me that I didn't remind you, okay! Luv you

7:33 PM


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