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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Streaming Soundz

I am sad coz Jep called earlier asking if we were going to Washington with them to be with family on Thanksgiving but I had to give him the bad news. We decided not to go although we are hoping to go there on Christmas. We're not sure about that one either. Bummer. Anyway, we're goind to Dad's tomorrow anyway.

Just turned on my Yahoo! messenger after a long time. Saw an old friend on SMS and said hi but she did not respond. Wonder if she has pre-paid (she's in the Philippines). UPDATE - she did respond twice. She just needed a load. Not sure what a 'load' means though. Anyway, I turned on LAUNCHcast and discovered the Indie Rock station that they have. I love their line-up of bands and songs. So cool! My kind of music. Finally, a station for me!

Right now, I'm listening to Le Tigre - TKO. They just played Razorlight - Golden Touch, Say Hi To Your Mom -Let's Talk About Spaceships, and Sonic Youth - Stones.


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