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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Birthday Party No-Show

Man, I feel guilty for not showing up at my friend May's party for her daughter's first birthday. Bummer. I promised I was definitely gonna go but changed my mind to a 'maybe' last week because it coincided with Al's work sked. I sooo wanted to see Chloe. Although he did go home earlier than expected, we decided not to go anyway because we didn't have a gift yet and Al was already too tired to party. My younger bro just called to invite us for Christmas Eve. So on Christmas day we'll be with dad. I told him that it feels odd because this year, we weren't planning on having a party. For the past years, we have been hosting parties for our friends and family but this year, we didn't feel like hosting. Its about time we become the guests, hehe. So since my bro just got married and has a family now, they are hosting - finally! Oh, and they just came from New York this weekend too. I'm hoping to see Camilla again.

I didn't sleep last night and I 'forced' myself to stay awake the whole day just to get back to normal sleeping patterns. It kinda worked since after picking up Al from work and taking a shower, I slept like a baby. Then I woke up after three hours sleep coz Al was cooking langonisa and eggs for dinner. I could hear the vent and the frying (and I could smell it too). So after eating a hearty dinner, I couldn't fall back to sleep. Help!


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