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Friday, December 03, 2004

Cache Creek Show

Al had an early morning civil service exam so I did some quick shopping at Old Navy while waiting for him. Bought three tops (a thermal and two 80's inspired, almost-off shoulder, long sleeve shirts) for less than $5 bucks each! One was even $1.97! Of course, I had to buy it, hehehe. And I went there to get a winter scarf because the one I have was all white and I wanted another color too. Anyway, afterwards, we ate lunch at Thai Noodle and was happy to discover that they are now serving fried ice cream. I was sooo happy because before that, I would go to Lanna Thai on Noriega just to get some fried ice cream and they don't have it all the time. Man, I should stop eating too much!

Around 4 pm, we starting driving to Cache Creek because my friend's dad was in a tournament there and he had free accomodations and free food. My dad also called when we were on 80 (it was traffic btw) and he wanted to go with us but I had to say no coz he might spend too much, hehehe. My friend invited us at Cache Creek plus tonight, this Filipino comedian and singer, Leonardo, will be performing and I am curious as to what his show is like in Cache Creek. He used to be a headlining act at Ichiban's iLibrary which I saw a couple of times (few months ago) with family and friends. The crowd there was Filipino and the main language, tagalog. So I was curious to see his show at Cache that has a mixed audience. I wonder if he's gonna be bastos. But unfortunately, I missed most of the show because we were hangin' out at my friend's room (plus they blamed me for taking a shower too long, hehehe). Oh yeah, they have nice rooms by the way (nice bathroom too) and Cache Creek looked way better than before (I think Jay Leno will be there in March next year, but the tix are just so expensive). So by the time we went to center stage, they were almost done with the show. Bummer. But later that night, they had dancing and the band looked familiar. Some friends said that they were from this Filipino night spot in South San Francisco (where you would never catch me in, just kidding, although i have been there a couple of times too when I was way younger when my family pulled me in, hehehe). Also, a place where Kuya Jon and Liz met and had their first date (uy memories, hahaha). And believe it or not, that place was owned by my grandmother's old suitor in the Philippines - yup you heard me right, my grandma! Hehe, but she's my lola's youngest sister in LA. Anyway, back to Cache. The young guitar player, who also sings, is cute. They had dancers all around. We were drinkin' (I had my usual diet coke, hehe - you must think I'm lame but at my age, my drinking days are over and I'm the designated driver) and two more friends showed up. Al and I danced a little bit then watched the live band again. We played a few slots after the show. Al tripled his money while I lost $12. Not bad. I had a lot of fun playing my fave slot, The Price is Right anyway. After a long night, around past 2 pm, we drove back home.


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