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Monday, December 27, 2004

Christmas Family Pics

There is something wrong with my host (I think they are switching or upgrading servers) so it is temporarily down. But you can view my page via blogspot. Below is a link to view some family pics during this years Christmas. I apologize for not taking more coz my batteries kept running out. Sucks.

Click here to view our 2004 Christmas album.

On a sad not, I was so shocked about the tsunami event in Southeast Asia. The earthquake was strong at 9.0 that it shook the sea and apparently caused the tsunami. At first, I thought the Philippines was hit too but fortunately it was spared. I feel sad coz Christmas just passed. Scary coz it could happen here too. Pray for all the victims of the tsunami and the earthquake. This disaster also inspired me to join the American Red Cross in their humanitarian efforts. I might go to their orientation on January 13 in hopes of helping their cause.


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