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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Christmas Shopping

Notice my javascript falling snow in the background, hehe. I did my Christmas cards today. Man, I need to buy some more. I ran out already. But with the rest, I thought of just emailing people since its easy access, I hope, and less expensive. Anyway, I am planning on doing last minute Christmas shopping. Had some additions on my Christmas list. And my cousins from LA are spending their Christmas here - woohoo! Can't wait to see them! My other cousin in Canada, Twilight, emailed me last month saying that she (and current fiance) will be in the Bay Area in December. I wonder if they're here yet. I also sent a gift for my younger sis via Amazon (hope she gets it in time). So Pia, there! I ordered you an item from your wish list, hehe, and it should be there by the 24th (well, they guaranteed it). Hope you like it and let me know if you got it.

I'm kinda nervous because later, I have a doctor's appointment. Sometimes I hate going to the doctor's because at my age, I get scared of discovering any illness I might have. I know I'm still young but you never know. Anyway, wish me luck!

I just got an email announcing that I got a new comment. And who responds? Giovanni Pico from the show ER. How nice of her to post a comment (click to view). She is one cool cat on my book!


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