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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Decorating for Xmas

Today, my bro called to tell me that they are visiting daddy in Vallejo. I wish I can go but we set this day to grocery shop. We first went to Costco but there were too many people. So I decided to shop there on a weekday instead. I think I found my gift for Al. Then we went to Pak n' Save to buy food and I saw these cute knitted wine bottle bags with santa or snowman heads on top. This gave me an idea for Christmas gifts. Instead of buying gift baskets for friends and family or wrapping my usual sparkling cider gift to some people, I thought of just giving wine and put them in those bags since I am in a very tight budget. So I bought a couple and will come back for more (hoping that there's still some more). Then we went straight to Trader Joe's in Westlake. Their location changed but they moved only a block away on the other side, still in the same plaza. I bought two French merlots, two French chardonnays, and two German sparkling white wine at a very cheap price. Also passed by Joanne's to buy a poinsettia, a wreath, and some mistletoe to adorn the wreath. We also passed by Walgreens to buy a small Christmas tree and ceramics for decor. As soon as we got home, Al cooked nilagang baka while I decorated our place. Now, Christmas is really in the air for us.


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