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Friday, December 17, 2004

Froogle Versus Amazon

I noticed that my profile page on my Blogger now has a wishlist and audioblog option (see right link 'my profile' under avatar). Since I have an existing wishlist from Amazon, I linked it. But I noticed that beside the field for the wishlist, they were promoting Froogle, Google's shopping website and they also have a wish list. I like Amazon better because they have more stuff than Froogle although I might be wrong. I think they are in their beta stages. But I like Amazon although I thought they only sold books but they sell more stuff than that.

Google is amazing. They have different features aside from word searches such as Google wars (which is hilarious to me), Google in different languages (including tagalog) and translation, a search where you can find the people linking your site (like trackbacks), Google groups (like yahoogroups), Google news and web alerts (which I think is awesome and I made one for myself, hehe), a search to what Google thinks of you, a search of what is related to you, a calculator, a shopping network (froogle), a photo management program, an automatic map search, a directory search (like people search which is kinda freaky), automatic search suggestions, blogger, email service, audioblogger, orkut (a networking site like friendster), travel info such as flights and airlines (and the example they give is sfo), desktop search (where you can search your own computer), stock quotes, spell checker, adsense program which i might try out (where you put their ads on your page and get paid), number searches such as package tracking numbers (although the VIN numbers are a bit scary), a dictionary, and many more. Last I checked, each service were different companies. Wow, talk about total web domination!

I am feeling very cold right now. I can't sleep and I should be sleeping earlier. Anyway, I added the amazing Kasabian on my music station. Listen. Other music news - I didn't know that Brett Andersen and Bernard Butler of Suede are back with a new band called The Tears. How exciting! I wonder how they sound like. I can't even download mp3s anymore (just to sample them) unless I purchase them. What a hoot! And I usually buy the CDs anyway if I really like them. Anyway, did you guys hear about Joanne Newsom? I'm not sure if I mentioned her in my blog yet (since I forgot most of my entries) but is she the mayor's relative or something? I saw her perform before with a band who's name I forgot (deng, its at the tip of my tongue). Anyway, I am still looking for a Razorlight sample to add to my radio blog. I particularly like Golden Touch but I do have Vice which I'm still thinking about adding although I like it too. And Handsome Boy Modeling School will be at the Fillmore on January next year. Just an fyi to fans out there.


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