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Monday, December 13, 2004

Interesting Slow Day

It was a slow day for me, nothing important really except for a few chats, quality time with hubby, watching TV and surfing the web. And yet it seems like an interesting day in the news. Scott Petersen still gets headline news coz of his death sentence, Jamie Foxx gets 3 nominations in the Golden Globes, Oracle merges with PeopleSoft, Filipino action star Fernando Poe Jr. dies while in a coma from a stroke and Bush's homeland security nominee back out of the offer for questionable ethics. What a day!

I tried to audioblog Al's snore but for some reason, my audioblog isn't going through. hmmm...I wonder what's going on. Oh well. Anyway, I will try again tomorrow. It is so loud that I can't sleep. I also got a Christmas card from Lola. I wish I can see her and I am worried about her coz she is getting old. She's in her 90's already.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi! its pia.. dont worry lola still has a lotta time. u should come over sometime to see us and lola. if you cant come here on christmas, then u can try new years!! or valentines day! haha =U)

10:39 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

sorry pia, no can do. kuya al has to work on xmas day. bummer. he wanted me to go alone and i really wanted to but i just cant leave kuya al alone on xmas. maybe new years, we'll see! cross your fingers!

btw, did you see your new banner? since you like batz so much, i made one around the batz character that matched ur site with your name, hehe. hope you like it! also, the tag board not working still? let me check but keep testing. sucks! coz my audioblog isn't working too. oh well...

10:13 PM


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