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Friday, December 17, 2004

Lemony Snicket Movie

After picking up Al from work, we decided to watch the Lemony Snicket movie since its showing today. Bought a bunch of food since we were hungry and made it to the 5:25 pm showing. I have never read his books and the filmmaker most likely didn't stick with the book (which movie does anyway) but I liked the movie. It started with a lot of reverse psychology (not to go to the tower, or walking away if you want to watch a happy elf instead, etc). Anyway, as soon as the movie was done, we both thought that the movie seemed short and underdeveloped. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed it, especially the dark scenes, setting and characters. By the way, their casting is great. I thought Jim Carrey was a good choice for Count Olaf who very well portrayed the character. And I was amused to see Billy Connolly. I always liked him as a pleasing actor (and I always liked his Scottish accent and think he's funny) and I wondered what ever happened to him. And Meryl Streep was a delightful neurotic woman, haha. I like what the story, every character, and every item represented. Al and I we're just analyzing each item and still have so many questions behind it. Or maybe we're just over-analyzing. My favorite part was when they built their 'own sanctuary' despite the ugliness of the surroundings. Man, you can just have whole book report with a simple story. Again, maybe we're over-analyzing. I was also pleased to find out that Lemony Snicket lives in San Francisco. They had references with Monterey Bay Aquarium in the movie which cracked me up. And some references to modern day items and dialogues such as an auto-locked car, wax on wax off, and a fax machine seemed out-of-place but funny. Another favorite part is little Sunny, the baby - I was cracking up all the time with the little subtitles. I also like the way they differentiate people in different scenes many times which is so true. I especially liked the graphics at the end with the credits and we stayed through it just appreciating the illustrations. The movie had a 'gothic' feel to it and seemed pessimistic but was actually very encouraging. I told Al, if ever we have a problem, think Lemony Snicket. Haha. I also like a movie with a little mystery.

Speaking of goth, another movie is coming out with Johnny Depp based on another book. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is Wonka with a Tim Burton twist. Interesting. Also, it seems like a declared children's day today. Lots of cartoons on network TV (maybe coz Christmas is getting closer and the kids have their winter break) But anyway, on Fox, they are showing a 3D computer-animated Popeye show. Awww, more childhood memories.


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