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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to greet all of you guys a Merry Christmas! Anyway, we went to Jep's for Christmas Eve and Abby's relatives were there. Made a big booboo because I forgot the names of the people living with them so I named their gifts wrong (coz I based it on their Friendsters which were different from their usual everday nicknames). Oops. Anyway, we brought the sweet ham and some French red wine at the party and exchanged gifts. I usually open mines on Christmas Eve but they opened their gifts early. Around 11:30 pm, we went to St. Joseph's to catch the midnight mass. Then went back to their place to eat again! They had seafood dishes (my fave was the crab) and lechon kawali cooked by Abs. My tummy was so full but I still kept eating! We also watched their video tapes of their trip to NY and Washington. Camilla is so cute! She has grown a lot since the last time I saw her. She is beginning to look like Abs too.

Christmas day was fun too. We woke up a little late for our Christmas lunch at Dad's coz we slept late last night. We brought some sweet ham too and sansrival. We didn't get there until past 1 pm. There was some traffic going over there. Anyway, Tita Ana cooked my fave lumpia (she cooks the best lumpia), dinuguan, ham (we had 2 hams, haha), pancit, cake (it was Nat's bday too yesterday), fish, caldereta (which dad cooked), and veggie dishes for my vegan sisters. We exchanged gifts and opened presents after eating. Then we watched a DVD with Jet Li called Hero and I thought it had amazing photography and cinematography. It was also profound but a bit confusing at first. Anyway, it also had a lot of action although some of the flying martial arts are somewhat getting old. But the sequences are just amazing and the editing as usual, awesome. Overall, I really liked it. Afterwards, we were gonna meet up with my cousins from LA but they were stuck in Pittsburg so for the meantime we went home to relax (finally) until they come back. Left again around 9 to travelled to Foster City and visit them. Man, I saw Mickey and first thing he said Merry Christmas Ate Cindy, you're short! Haha. He definitely grew taller and I heard he's quite a ladies man. And I was shocked to see Jomar all grown up! He is soooo adorable (I wanted to take him home with me, hehe). He was talking a lot and he liked the Spongebob stuffed toy I gave him. He even screamed for joy! Haha. That made me really happy! Marvin, Melods and Michelle were all there. We gave them their gifts too and I hoped they like it. Then we watched some of Jomar's videos from his Christmas party at preschool. And of course, he's a ladies man himself! Haha. Soooo cute! At midnight, I got a call from my cuz from Canada and she's finally here! I will be seeing her tomorrow.


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