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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

MTV Roma Edition

We were just watching reruns of the MTV European Awards held in Rome. This is probably the third time we've seen it but we never saw the entire show. Tonight, we saw the first part (finally). And I thought it was worth blogging. As usual, I thought the European version is better than the US version because they have a better set, better graphics, better presentors, and better performances. They even had better nominees (I always thought that the Black Eyed Peas should be nominated but I didn't really see much of them in the US version). And x to the z X-zbit was an excellent host, cool yet funny. And I was especially glad to see Franz Ferdinand perform. They rocked the house! They even stuck with the appropriate film quality for the new generation (the US did that when Jim Fallon hosted the awards few years back - they should have stuck with it). Anyway, I was so glad that Muse won an award because I think they are brilliant. And did Usher and Alicia really kiss at the end of their song? Are they really an item or do they just want people to think that? And what's up with all the Maroon 5 nominations? Who cares about them? Why are they getting nominated, can people please explain that to me?

Tidbit - Just found out that Idlewild has a new album to be released in March of next year but their first single is soon coming out. Can't wait!


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