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Thursday, December 09, 2004

My Music Station

Today, I woke up early again to drop off Al and couldn't go back to sleep so I thought of customizing my LAUNCHcast station on Yahoo since the stations I were playing before played bands that I didn't like and the ones I rated were already old. So I decided to create and update my own list and choose some bands that I really liked for my listening pleasure, although from time to time they will play unrated stuff that I didn't choose (I'm hoping they would be close to the genre and artists I chose). Anyway, I am very ecstatic as I am listening to it right now. Right now, they are playing The Postal Service's The District Sleeps Alone Tonight (one of my faves) but in a different mix (DJ Downfall Persistent Beat Mix). Hmmm, interesting but different, very different. So if you want to subscribe to my station, click here for my link. I'm just glad that Yahoo! has better features coz their earlier versions of instant messaging and streaming audio didn't compare to other competitors so I was reluctant to use them. Now I think the new interface and features of both are way better. And I like to share. It's nice to share in the spirit of Christmas, right? Enjoy coz I know I will! Yahoo!


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