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Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year's Resolution

I prayed really hard today to thank HIM for ALL my blessings. And I mean it. Its a new year, another new beginning. Al also got some very good news today and even told his mum. I am also so very, very happy for having all these family and friends around me that care and don't forget. Sometimes I'm feeling overwhelmed and teary-eyed from all the love I'm feeling right now. The response from people was just wonderful. Thank you guys for remembering. Okay, CUT! Oscar-worthy ba emote ko?

Anyway, people keep asking me what's my New Year's resolution. Okay, let's see... As usual, I am thinking about what I should change in the new year. I guess here's my partial list which will be updated as I think of more. This is my top ten so far -
  1. Lose Weight - Haha, forever my resolution!
  2. Lose More Weight - Isn't it obvious?!? Hehe.
  3. Be Less Judgmental - Man, I swear I wasn't really like this but maybe coz when I analyze it further, I think it's coz people can be hurtful and overcritical, 'ya know. Plus I guess I'm getting too old and notice little perks.
  4. Be More Positive - I am but sometimes I get these spells that bring me down. I wanna be more cheerful and optimistic like before, even in tough times.
  5. Organize - I am but lately, I have been lagging on filing some stuff at home.
  6. Serve the Community - I was inspired by the tsunami relief efforts and I feel for them so I'm starting my volunteer service with the Red Cross in January next year. Plus I wanted to be in the social service field so am checking it out.
  7. Save Money - Man, I spend too much sometimes that Al gets mad, hehe.
  8. Get Things Done - I usually initiate a lot of stuff and I have more plans in mind but I recently lost motivation on some projects and commitments - coz some people could be so discouraging. And I need to push myself more.
  9. Stop Blaming Others - See preceeding numbers. 'Nuf said. Hehehe.
  10. Don't Miss a Good Concert - Oh, I've regretted not seeing a few in 2004...


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