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Monday, December 20, 2004

Parkway at Night

Tonight, we went to Goldilocks to pre-order our contribution to the upcoming dinners. And besides, it's tradition, at least with my family, to have sweet ham and queso de bola. So we went to Goldilocks to order two sweet hams (mmmmm, I can smell it already) and a box of sansrival. I'm still thinking of what to get my Uncle Bill and our neighbor. I just might buy goodies there. I'll just get it when I come back and pick it up on Christmas eve. I am also amazed that they're open on Christmas day! I guess business is good for them this Christmas. As for the other gifts, I might just order them from Amazon and have it shipped to people, hehehe. I dunno yet.

Anyway, Al and I decided to pass by Parkway Estates in South SF to check out the awesome lights on houses. It's a tradition for us to go there every year to check out the neighborhood lit up with breathtaking lights and decors. People from everywhere (even tourists in tour buses) drive up the neighborhood, take pictures, and walk the pathways to feel the Christmas spirit. For some reason, all the lights weren't lit (maybe coz it was still early and people were just coming from work) but nevertheless the houses were amazing with all those Christmas lights! But this year, for some reason, the lights have the same decorations as last year. I wasn't as blown away as the past years. I wonder if they all ran out of original ideas for the lights. Years ago, they would have different themes and decorations every year that always made me awestruck. But it's cool, it's still nice anyway. Below are some pics of our little drive. The pics are blurry but you have to be there to appreciate it.

This house had a 'gift' theme.

This house had a 'blue' theme.


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