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Monday, December 13, 2004

Playing With iTunes

Man, I must be sooo bored. I was playing around with iTunes yesterday. I had it on my mac but I never really used it or explored it. Al was the one who used it frequently. So while I was downloading this plug-in I needed for FF few days ago on my laptop, it came with iTunes. So yesterday, instead of using wma, I tried to rip from my cds using iTunes and convert them to mp3s (and then convert them again) for my radio blog. Then I checked out the stations they had - cool indie pop stations. Wow, I was listening to them all day. Okay, so more music stations. I don't even need to go to LAUNCHcast or WMA (didn't really check out the stations there). Okay now I'm checking WMA and their indie station is cool too. Yeah, all these stations right under my nose, and I dont have to go to any site for streaming music. Anyway, I love my iTunes skin anyway - a nice titanium look. And maybe I'll get Al an iPod for Christmas so I can use it too, hehehe.

So in anticipation of a boring day earlier today, I spent the morning fixing my sister's blog while eating a very healthy early morning snack - Haagen-Dazs Cookie Dough ice cream. Hehe, I know, shame on me. She wanted me to do something specific but I changed other stuff too (yeah I must be bored). Her border were all thick at 4px so I made it thinner, changed her banner (I know what I did lacked effort hence the simple banner but trust me, her old one was just butt ugly). Not her fault though, it was some xanga template that they had. Also changed and cropped her pic, her scroll-bar, and what she wanted the most, songs on her xanga. She even emailed me a list. I hope she's happy. But although I used some javascript to make her a little song selector with buttons, it only looks good in IE and not in Firefox and Netscape. Ahhh, why can't the browsers just all get along?!? And xanga is not very customizable (is this a word?) because they limit it so much (so you can purchase their premium service). Oh well. Let the kids enjoy their xanga!


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