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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

San Francisco Zoo

After another scheduled interview that Al had today, we set out to visit the San Francisco Zoo. We haven't been there ever since the renovations. I'm glad we went. Today is also a good time to go because its usually free on the first Wednesday of every month. Anyway, the trails were excellent for a good walk and the weather was not as piercing cold as we thought. We also found this tripod that someone must have left while viewing some animals and thought about keeping it for our own (yes, shame on us). But we decided to return it to the lost and found section in case the owner comes back for it. Yes, we're nice people, ya know. Hehe. Or maybe we're just scared of karma (just kidding). The penguins were sooo adorable with their little igloo houses and seagulls stealing their fish food. There was a polar bear that seemed so cuddly and a koala bear sleeping on a tree. I particularly loved the pink flamingos, the peacocks just walking about the regular visitor pathways unguarded, and the giraffe. The scary part was being in this building that sort of replicated a mini-rain forest where an anaconda resided. On one occasion, a rhino went close to us, turned around to show his butt, and urinated in front of us. How funny. But of course, it didn't reach us because we were in a more elevated area but it was loud and splattered like a strong shower. And there was a squirrel that ran past by me, or more like under me, and sat at a bench, licking a chestnut that he had just picked. I wanted to see the bald eagle but was unable to see it. I took a lot of pictures of animals but I could not post everything. Will put in Yahoo! Photos though and I just might share my album. Overall, it was a nice way to spend a weekday. In a way, I felt like a little kid again amazed at all the animals (and even plants) around me. Anyway, below are some pics of our little trip to the zoo.

An elephant playing with a tire and a giraffe.

A peacock wandering about and a hiding lion.

A grizzly bear and Al looking at pink flamingos.

A couple of rhinos and more lions hanging out.

San Francisco Zoo signs everywhere we go.


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