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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Storm Watch

Al had to work today plus overtime so I had the whole day to myself. Am contemplating on getting tix to The Music and Kasabian concert at Slim's in March and talked to my younger sis about seeing Louis XIV at Popscene next week. Al wanted to see them too. I missed Al today so much that I spent all day on the internet trying to fix this blog. I also added my other sister's Xanga link on my sidebar, and added a favorites/bookmarks icon on my page. I had to download an .ico converter called IrfanView just to convert my logo to this format. I like my little icon a lot. I also chatted with my sis Pia and helped her upload some photos on her site. Inspired by her site, I also added a tag board. But the css only looks good in IE and doesn't work on Firefox. Why do I feel like I'm old for this? Cooked some ginisang giniling in time for dinner. Not sure what's going on with the storm outside since I didn't go out but I hope it subsides. It was so windy the other day that I was kinda scared of the wind noises and couldn't sleep.


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