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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Wahoo! Ish Mah Berday!

Wow, that really sounded fobbish, hahaha. Anyway, today is my birthday! From singing to greetings, I'm glad people still remember it at my age, haha! Anyway, I didn't really have plans since I was trying to get well from having a flu but I could not sleep properly (hehe) because the phone kept ringing. Sorry guys, I didn't answer coz by the time I did, the rings were gone so I went back to sleep. But around 10:30 am, I woke up anyway even though I wanted to sleep still coz I got hungry. I found out that Al took all the tocino left overs we had yesterday for his baon (and man I was craving for it so much). He kept bugging me to go at Beach Chalet but I wasn't feeling it (and its too expensive). When we went home, I got a confirmed email from the American Red Cross. My orientation starts in January. I guess this is a new resolution that I have to commit to and I'm excited. I told Al that he doesn't have to give me anything for my birthday except for promising that he's donating to the Red Cross tomorrow (for the tsunami relief efforts). He said yes (yipee) and we will be making a donation in memoriam of Julian Del Valle, my late grandfather who passed away last year and who we took care of for a year. Yup, happy birthday to me! Hehe.

Again, here's my link to view our Christmas album with added birthday photos.

Oh yeah, earlier too, I met up with an old friend Anne at Barnes. Thanks Anne for the gift! How nice! She gave me a DVD of Eternal Sunshine (woohoo, on my wishlist) and a gift cert to Cheesecake Factory. Now I am suddenly craving for some good 'ol cheesecake! Oh, and Al was so sweet! He gave me three white roses to surprise me after work. Wow naman. Now I'm hanging it upside down to dry it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, its pia... happy birthday!!!! i hope you hav the coolest birthay ever, now that you're another year older than me!! jusco!! wit for me to grow!! tekka muna! lol thanx 4 being there 4 me n i owe you lottttts

~*~*~ ~*~*~
~*~*~ * ~*~*~
~*~*~ ~*~*~
~*~*~ ~*~*~

9:15 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

awwww, thanks for the greeting! you are sooo sweet!

5:16 AM


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