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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Bloc Party Concert

I am so psyched! Coz I just bought 2 tix to the Bloc Party concert at Bottom of the Hill on March 23 (shhh, I didn't tell my husband yet that I spent his money on the tix). I'm just glad they're in SF. Why are there so much concerts lately? I don't even have the money to watch them all. Sucks! Anyway, here is the listing (again) of upcoming concerts that I think are cool to watch.

Wow, my breath reeks (is it too much info? sorry). Al just cooked a batch of garlic fries and I was eating away. And because of that, he reminded me to buy season tix to the Giants game at SBC Park where they serve garlic fries that Al loves so much. Instead, I ended up buying Bloc Party tix. Hey, the Giants will play all year and every year, while Bloc Party may never come back in SF. Hmmm, decisions, decisions...

Since were celebrating bands coming to SF and even the Giants, I bring you the Best of the Bay listings for 2004.


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