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Monday, January 31, 2005

Busy Busy Hubby

Haha, that rhymes! Anyway, today was Al's day off and he accomplished a lot that made me so happy! He did the laundry, more grocery shopping, paid bills, cooked dinner, went to the bank, and had his picture taken for his interview tomorrow for naturalization. How exciting! I hope he gets it. Man it took him 10 years to finally decide to go for it but I'm glad he did (before the form fees get more expensive).

In the news - Michael Jackson's jury selection. It became a media frenzy. I have no comment on this. On TV everywhere - an over-exposed Desperate Housewives (more like an over-exposed Eva Langoria). I love 'em but please, lay low! In music news - click here for the Coachella line-up. Al's initial reaction upon seeing the line-up - Bauhaus? Oh shit!  Hehe, exactly how I feel...


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