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Saturday, January 15, 2005

A Concert of Hope

Wow, talk about an all-star event! It's always nice to see stars gather up for a good cause. Tsunami Aid was a live NBC event with stars like Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Leonardo di Caprio on the phones taking pledges. There were music performances from artists in Los Angeles to New York and London. It seemed like a solemn event, with other stars saying something about the devastation of the tsunami before every performance, while Jay Leno hosts the telethon for the American Red Cross. I still want to see someone cry while performing. It was painful to watch Madonna sing John Lennon's Imagine. My favorite performances were from Sarah Mclachlan, Elton John, Josh Groban, and Annie Lennox.

Tonight, I'm cooking crab cakes topped with lemon dill sauce. Yummy. Also, I wanted to share some cool band sightings on TV recently - Razorlight on David Letterman, and The Killers on Saturday Night Live. Brandon Flowers is sooo cute! I've also been MP3J surfing a lot lately and have discovered the world of the bloggies.


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