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Friday, January 21, 2005

Digital Pinay 2005

When I first glanced at the contest title Search for Digital Pinay 2005 on the Philweavers listserv, I thought that it was a nice gesture for the Philippine Computer Society to honor women in the male-dominated IT industry. I also thought that it's about time women get recognition for their brains and creative talents. But as I read the prerequisites for the contest, PCS was asking for contentant's bust size, weight, hip measurements and height. This is so funny to me because the award is obviously a front for a beauty contest. The topic suddenly had long threads with men nominating their bets, and women furious over men's primitive nature. Some men were honest about the reality of gender inequality, while the women answered back in retaliation. What I don't understand is that why do these group of intelligent, educated professional males defend the fact that stereotypically, IT women are not appealing, and it would be rare to find a hot, skilled and smart woman. Who cares! Not only are these so-called professionals reinforcing the stereotype, they are also adding insult to injury by taking IT women's intelligence for granted. And most of all, the promoters of this beauty pageant scheme are also reinforcing the fact that sex sells therefore we should objectify all types of women. How dumb is that! Did PCS actually think that IT women would really take their contest seriously? I hope not because aside from losing any self-respect, you are also sacrificing some dignity and credibility in the community. So kudos to the men who believe that there should also be a Digital Pinoy contest, hehehe, just kidding. See this article for more info on the event. Hilarious stuff!


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