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Friday, January 07, 2005

Fried Ice Cream

Yummy. Imagine. A scoop of frozen vanilla, wrapped in dough and fried. Topped with caramel syrup with whip cream and a cherry on the side. The big question - how the heck do they fry it without melting the ice cream? We always ask that question everytime we eat it. I guess its really, really frozen. Suddenly I was craving for some fried ice cream so we drove all the way to Thai Noodle on Geary just to eat one. Deng, I didn't remember it being so expensive. I guess I'll just get my fried ice cream at Lanna Thai next time. Oh well.

Anyway, spent the last couple of days chatting with my stepbro Ryan. I was glad to see him on his webcam (and all the food he's eating, hehe). He is actually in the Philippines right now. I'm glad that we had a chance to play games on Yahoo! Hehe. My usual online opponent and half-sis Pia is on down-time (since school started for her again). I also got a 'special project' from Pia in the mail. Thanks so much sis! I really, really appreciate it! You really are sooo sweet! Check your chatterbox, I left a message there. I've also been busy finishing up a site that I'm currently working on (one more page and it's good to go). I'll let you know if it's up so you can check it out. Also, notice that friendster has a new interface design. At first I was confused coz things looked different, but later on, it grew on me, hehe. Oki, am just taking a break. Now I have to go back to work!


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