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Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Golden Globes

Of course, it was a star-studed event. I'm glad that Clint Eastwood won Best Director. Much deserved. But, just like Hilary Swank said, he was also a good actor in the movie and I personally think that he should have been nominated as Best Actor as well as Kevin Bacon for The Woodsman. I was disappointed when Million Dollar Baby lost to The Aviator. I knew Sideways would win, but I also wanted Eternal Sunshine to get some kind of award, at least for screenplay. Anyway, I was also glad that Desperate Housewives won (I loved this show as soon as I saw the pilot and thought it was good before all the buzz). A lot of veteran actors and funny speeches. I was happy for Jason Bateman who won for Arrested Development which is a good show. I remember him in his Teen Wolf days, hehe. And of course Teri Hatcher, who I remember in Lois and Clark and Radio Shack commercials, won for Desperate Housewives. Yipee! She probably delivered the most honest and heart-felt speech, aside from Jamie Foxx. Hatcher, who looked great, thanked “All my friends and those agents that stuck around when I couldn’t get an audition, I would be absolutely nowhere without all of you and you know who you are.” And I almost got teary-eyed with Foxx's speech about thanking his grandma (he was emotional about it), “I used to think it was corny when people would say people were looking down on you. And I didn’t really, I didn’t believe it. But I got a feeling.” As for the shows fashion, I loved Emmy Rossum's gown! Very elegant. Uma, Julian, Marcia Cross and Teri looked good too. I also thought Robin Williams truly deserved the Cecil B. Demil Award (Dead Poets is my all time fave) and his speech was hilarious! And Hilary didn't forget Chad Lowe this time (Chad was looking sooo cute). I was just thinking about Foxx being nominated with Jim Carrey on the same category of Best Actor in Musical or Comedy and they used to be in the TV show In Living Color which I loved. Who would have thought then that these two comedians would be giant stars now? Oh, wasn't J. Lo also in that show? A lot of fun speeches (even sophisticated actresses such as Meryl Streep and Glenn Close were funny). A lot of great looks. A lot of first timers (Dennis Leary nominated for a Golden Globe? And Julius McMahon? He used to be Alyssa Milano's husband in Charmed). A lot of hot guys (from Johnny Depp to Orlando). And the whole night, only two people mentioned the tsunami relief efforts, Clint Eastwood and Leonardo Di Caprio. You can tell they are true crusaders. Other funnies - Shatner checks the trophy for his name, Bateman checks his fly, Williams saying that he thought the Foreign Press was a wrestling move, Williams doing an Arnold impersonation while the cam zooms to the governor, Williams with his Pia Zadora joke, Geoffrey Rush kissing the women from Desperate Housewives then kisses Miss Golden Globe (Clint's daughter) and says that kissing all of them was the best part, and Thatcher mentioning that she thought she was the biggest has-been. The biggest applause went to Prince who introduced the movie Ray while Clint Eastwood got a standing ovation when he won. Oh, and did you guys see Phoebe Cates with Kevin Kline? She is still sooo pretty after all these years. On the red carpet, Clive Owen tackled Kathy Griffin pretty well with her jokes. But why did Kathy take a shot of Dakota Fanning? Dakota is very talented and if she really is in rehab, she shouldn't be made fun of. Shame on Kathy, shame. And Lost should have won something.

This is also the day I was wishing I had TiVo! I missed an episode of Desperate Housewives because it was the same time as the Golden Globes. For dinner, Al fried some fish fillet on butter and topped it with some sauce with rice pilaf on the side. Yum!


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