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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

Manigong Bagong Taon to all! Man, I am still sick! I can't stand it. Just when I thought I was feeling better, it got worse! Now my throat hurts again and my right ear is clogged. Help! But since it's the new year, I have to get my spirits up. Since Al wanted to go out and shop, we initially went to Nordstrom at Stonestown but they had jacked-up prices even with their half-off (more like rip-off) sale. Someone I knew approached to greet us a happy new year and I was embarrassed to be seen coz I looked shitty sick! Hope she doesn't get sick since I hugged her, hehe, my bad. She scolded me that I should be resting. Duh to me, haha! Al bought me my mac and then we ended up in Colma after eating at Boba Grille in Stonestown (it was aight but remind me not to eat there anymore). Then Al bought two cool Diesel sneakers - one dark brown and a nice gray one. We went to Old Navy coz he wanted a new jacket but ended up buying a new pair of jeans instead. Then we made a quick stop at Best Buys earlier and then Bath and Body since I need some air freshener for our place. They had a sale so I bought an air freshener for $3 and a small splash for $4. Funny how the tables are turned. I usually do the shopping (although not that much) while Al tags along. Now I'm the tag-along while the guy is enjoying the shopping, hehehe. I think I feel more ill than ever coz it was kinda rainy outside.

Anyway, here's a nice pic of the New Year celebration in New York's Times Square {clickity-click}. Turn on your volumes as well.


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