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Monday, January 10, 2005

Just Whatever

Last night, I saw the first episode of Surreal Life 4 and I don't know what to say except that people still shock me! You would think celebrities would be in their best behavior when in front of the camera but I guess I am wrong. Weird episode. Al and I were still talking about Verne, haha.

I suddenly got inspired the other day that I updated this 'hidden' blog I have (if you're good, you'll find it). It's not the Happy Moments blog - inspired by Al who remembered some events that I forgot. It's actually a blog called The Rough Draft Project because it serves as a rough draft of some writing. Some are unfinished works, and some are hilarious coz I guess at the time I wrote it, I was angry! I just kept it to remind myself of 'those days'. UPDATE - Oki, I decided to make it public, but don't laugh! I took out the 'secret' stuff in it, hehehe. Here is my secret blog.

Anyway, Al came home early today so we went Costco to buy his everyday baon for work and ate lunch at Serramonte. We were craving for adobong pusit all of a sudden, hehe. We went to pick up our mail and I just got my grades from last Fall 2004 semester! I was excited (although I already knew my grade). Of course an A! Woohoo! Man, and a consistent 4.0 GPA. Yey!

Now, I am cooking lumpia shanghai for dinner. Al's separating the raw wrappers right now and he just chopped the garlic and onions. Teamwork! Hihihi. I am still having issues with my host. I could not upload any updates. I have one client with a time-crucial update and my hosting partner Jorge won't be back from vacation until the 23rd. I'm also excited about this beta site I'm working on but my client can't proof or view the pages because I can't even upload anything on my own domain. Oh well. But Jorge is trying his best (from where he's at) to resolve the issue. I hope I didn't spoil his vacation.

On another note, Jen and Brad have announced their separation after seven years of being together. I'm sure the ladies are happy about the news but I'm not. I actually thought they looked good together and it's such a shame that another Hollywood couple had to end their relationship. Sayang. And SF mayor divorced his beautiful wife as well. My next prediction, J. Lo and Mark Anthony, hahaha. Just kidding.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey ish pia!! cant b leive u gots a 4.0 gpa!! haha i got a 3.18 gpa r sumtin... no remembering.. i gots old tymers r sumntin. i'll call u tomorrow =)

5:59 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

Pia, that's really good! Mz honor roll...

1:24 PM


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