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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Kaiser Chiefs Gig

Today, we planned to go see Arcade Fire at Great American Music Hall even if we didn't have tix to this sold out show but we wanted to try our luck at the door anyway. We also planned to go straight to the Kaiser Chiefs concert at Popscene afterwards. After much deliberation (hehe), we decided to skip Arcade Fire since they still have gigs for tomorrow and Saturday. So Al and I met up with my sis Nat (while Charlene followed) at Cheesecake Factory in front of Union Square. My friend Anne gave me this gift card for Cheesecake Factory and we thought of using it tonight. I didn't eat the whole day so I indulged in what I ordered (and with everyone's food as well, hehe). I got so full that we didn't even order cheesecake for dessert anymore after ordering two appetizers and our own entrees. We couldn't even finish our food so we had them to go. After a couple of hours, we proceeded to Popscene to catch a glimpse of their 9 pm screening of the new Libertines DVD. And what a deal! If you buy the DVD and CD combo for $20, you get a free poster and shirt! But I didn't buy it, hehehe. I wanted to get the Kaiser Chiefs CD though but it won't be out in the US until March. Not even an import, although they had the 45. Hehe. As usual, the indie music they were spinning was great! When the band came out, I was hyped! And they were good, although I thought it was a short set (maybe coz their songs were really fast). Of course, they sang I Predict a Riot. I was happy. Oh, and Al got the set list. He's good at that. Anyway, below are some pics of the gig.

Kaiser Chiefs on stage at Popscene.

The lead singer twirling a drumstick.

The lead singer on top of the drums.


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