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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Last Minute Cleaning

Since it's Saturday today, I woke up really late to catch up with my sleep. I initially planned to go grocery shopping and do some laundry but I got preoccupied on the computer. Anyway, at night my friend Mo called so we can hang out (haven't seen her for awhile coz she lives so far and I get lazy sometimes to drive all the way there, hehe). I was glad she was coming over. Yipee! So Al and I quickly cleaned our place as fast as we could (coz it was such a mess) and rearranged stuff to accomodate this futon that we just got two days ago. Al quickly assembled it while I cleaned up all our junk and rearranged my desk. Oh deng, that reminds me, I have to replace the filter of our HEPA air purifier. Anyway, she returned my DVDs (honestly, I forgot that she had them) and then we ate dinner at Thai Noodle on Geary. Mo wanted to go Amoeba but it was too late that by the time we got there, it was closed. So we drove around SF until Mo's beau called and asked her to meet up with him in one of the Piers in Embarcadero. We saw him but he was working so we just hi and left. Afterwards, we dropped off Al so he can sleep since he had work early in the morning. Then we drove back to the city to hang out at a coffee shop on Irving called Tart to Tart only to decide to head back home since we couldn't find parking and it was past midnight already. Anyway, we hung out at home, chatted and bonded until almost 2 that Mo needed to drive back all the way to SJ before she gets too tired. We would have gone drinking in a bar if only she didn't live far away, hehe. So Mo, you better wake up before 10am so we can purchase those U2 tix and don't forget to set things up for the March concert with dear 'ol Graham! Below is a pic of the very nice faux antique futon that we got for free via Craigslist. It totally matched my classic mahogany and burgundy theme. Thanks so much former futon owner! You made our day! To top it all off, she even washed the velvety beige covers and threw in three matching burgundy and gold throw pillows which is also the color of our bedddings. How cool is that! Oh, by the way, before I forget, thanks Mo for the frame and the Mikasa vase! It's sooo nice!


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