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Friday, January 07, 2005

Lost Coursework

Another treat (at least for me). It's more like a memory treat, hehehe. I suddenly remembered school and this old site I did for a cool class with George Woo (he was also in the acclaimed film Chan Is Missing by Curtis Choy). I did this site years ago when I was an undergrad in his AAS class. I could not remember the actual URL so I did a little digging and voila! It's still on SFSU's Unix servers. Cool! Here's the link to the old group site I had (oh, and our group had the best site of course, coz I made it, hehe). Here's the link to my individual project (there might be some broken links). And here's the link to my final exam. Guess what grade I got? Of course, an A! You'll get to see some of the stuff I was studying then and some exams that we have on the web, not on paper (and you gotta understand, I was younger so design skills were so amateur and my thought process was immature, hehe). So no laughing! But I'll give myself some credit coz my responses were actually pretty good.


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