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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Marketplace Stroll

Today, Al and I decided to walk around the city and visit the SF marketplace - not just any ordinary marketplace, but the San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace with the historic clock tower near Embarcadero. We were lucky to find street parking in the busy city and walked around Justin Herman Plaza while taking pics of whatever was interesting to us. Then we crossed the street towards the Ferry Building to window shop around the marketplace. Since its renovation in 2003, we haven't really walked around there so we were kind of excited to check out the place. Of course, it looked really upscale, with crowded wine bars, gelato stores, formal dining spots, and even a California caviar cafe. But the real beauty of the place is at the back of the building where the ferries dock and load passengers, and where you can see a magnificent view of the Bay Bridge. Afterwards, we walked towards Embarcadero Center to window shop some more and watch Sideways. When we reached the theaters, we discovered that they didn't show Sideways there. So we thought of watching A Very Long Engagement instead but we had to wait an hour for the next showing. So we changed our mind and decided to buy some dinner at Tu Lan, hehehe. We then drove and window shopped at Best Buys in Colma. Below are our Ferry visit pics.

Outside the San Francisco Ferry Building.

A cool fountain on Justin Herman Plaza.

Inside the busy Ferry marketplace.

Al's left - building's history. Right - old clock hands.

A clock tower pic with the awesome moon.

Right now, I'm watching Saturday Night Live with musical guest Ludacris and Sum 41. At first I was skeptical, but when I saw and heard them perform, they were actually good and Ludacris was rockin' the joint! I'm also eating left overs of last night's dinner - mussels with garlic and butter sauce. Al cooked it with a lot of ginger too. Yummy!


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