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Sunday, January 30, 2005

A Memory Relapse

I woke up late today since I slept late last night. I didn't even sleep right away even though Mo left already because my stepbro and a friend May was on ym and wanted to play. Hehe. So when I woke up, it was past 12 noon and I just missed the 10 am selling of U2 tix. Still hoping that its still early for the venue to sell out and coz they added a second date, I so thought that I had it already. But much to my dismay, it sold out instantly. Argh! I was then surfing Craigslist to look for ticket sellers but the people who posted there (probably scalpers) were asking for highest bids. Ugh! Now I'm hating U2 for being a major marketing monster. Imagine the value of the tix - one would range from $50 to $150! More expensive than a Coachella ticket. So would I rather see a whole festival of great bands or U2? Hmmm. Okay, I'm not that crazy! But I'll try my other hook up...

Then I forgot my other commitment - I was supposed to meet a friend today too. She called me around 9 am but my cell was off so I wasn't able to hear it. I called her up at noon and she was waiting for me (and assumed that I was still asleep, haha). After chatting with my cousins in LA (who buzzed me) and after being interrupted by my neighbor who gave me a big bowl of sotanghon soup, I quickly ate a quick brunch and drove fast to pick her up! Hay naku! She went with me to do some errands since Al was at work. I also went shopping at Trader Joe's to stock up our food supply for the following weeks (I had to buy some basmati rice too and my cheesecake, haha). Anyway, Al called to let me know that he's home and he wanted to watch a movie so I had to drop off my friend at home and she gave me a nice bamboo plant on a nice little jade-like vase. Awww, how nice! That was sooo unexpected but thanks so much! Tomorrow Al begins his 2 days off. He's happy coz he's been working for six or sometimes seven days straight for the past weeks.


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