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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Million Dollar Baby

Last night, Al and I met up with my sis Nat in DC who had an appointment with someone in the area. We had dinner at Manila Eatery and stayed afterwards at Barnes to show her how to use Dreamweaver for her work. Anyway, after her appointment, we decided to watch Million Dollar Baby at DC's Century 20. Showing was at 9:55 pm and the weather was bad so I didn't expect a lot of people there but sure enough, the ticket booths were oozing with long lines of people. At first I was skeptical while watching because of the movie buzz, of course I would carry high expectations. I thought this was gonna be a feel-good ala Rocky movie. But it did meet my expectations (even exceeded it) for a Clint Eastwood movie. Excellent characters and depth. That was my favorite part. Excellent casting and Clint Eastwood really delivered. Now I have more admiration for Clint Eastwood, not just as a director but as an actor! He was really good! I cried! I just didn't get the 'boxing is backwards' part. I wish I could watch it a second time, maybe I'll get it the second time around. Funny how Swank's boxing opponents that were down after a couple of punches were asian women, hehe. Lots of good elements such as angles, story, reality, emotion, family conflict, religion and guilt, enduring friendships despite tough sarcastic appearances, achievement despite disparity and poverty formula, love despite being unloved, and CHARACTERS (its all about the depth of characters and its excellent dialogue). And at the end, it was just silence. The silence somewhat equated to honorable solemn death. Like when a soldier dies in war, no one really wins and they know they have a chance to die but they fight the wars anyway. Same with life and boxing. True honor is not about necessarily winning the war but fighting it not because you become rich, but because it means something to you, and all characters, in one point in their life, displayed that certain dignity and strength. Tastefully done. And I loved the ending when Clint told her the meaning of her gaelic name. Bittersweet tragedy but shows the courage of fighting, not just in boxing, but in life, and the glory of at least trying despite adversity.


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