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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Mobile Mechanic

This is the first time we tried a mobile mechanic. I saw an ad on Craigslist and tried calling this guy named Mark who claimed to fix cars at people's place of residence or work. So, I thought of trying his services so he could fix our van that had some minor problems. I've heard about a mobile mechanic who flaked a lot and sure enough, Mr. Mobile didn't keep two appointments yesterday. This morning, he finally showed up and fixed the old van at a reasonable rate. Imagine how much we saved for towing, storage and outrageous mechanic fees. We were very satisfied with his service.

I also decided to change my desktop to this - the awful truth about Brad and Jen's marriage. Hehe. Oh, and check out the new vid (link via lightheartedboy).

Anyway, yesterday was a good day. Al was off and we were surprised that we actually accomplished a lot of our errands. Al had an appointment for a physical at another job offer he has in South City. He is so indecisive in choosing where to actually work. He didn't want to give up his current job, but at the same time, the other job has more to offer. He said he is happy with his current job and befriended an old acquaintance of ours and a community advocate, Phil. Now, they are the dynamic duo at work. But I think now, he has decided to leave his current job. As we were doing laundry, Phil was inviting Al to eat at Tu Lan with the whole Arki gang, his treat. Too bad we had laundry in the washers and couldn't leave. After finishing up eight loads of laundry, folding everything and packing our refrigirator with food supply for the next two weeks, we were tired from just driving around. At home, Al cooked my fave Filipino fish dish, escabeche, and ate to our tummy's content. Then we saw the shocking and scary contestant named Mary on American Idol...


Anonymous Brett Barritt said...

Super work performed.

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