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Monday, January 10, 2005

On Television Today

I was channel surfing when I saw Fear Factor trying to get couples to drink a couple of balut eggs that they blended like a shake. They served this in some past episodes but the reaction remains the same from the participants. Apparently, every contestant was grossed out by the look and smell of it since the show described it as baby duck embryos. That's suposed to be gross? Not to us Filipinos! (Just kidding - I think it's gross and I don't eat it but practically everyone in my family does and they love it.)

Anyway, just saw the last part of the Critic's Choice Awards on WB and the big winners were The Sea Inside for Best Foreign Language Film, Hillary Swank (Million Dollar Baby) for Best Actress, Jamie Foxx (Ray) for Best Actor, and Sideways for Best Picture. I like Swank's speech when she said, "I gotta thank my husband, Chad Lowe. I'm not gonna forget him this time." Hehe, coz she did when she won the Oscars few years back and forgot to thank him.


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